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Get Your Own eMail Address!

Your new eMail account can be set up so that you can access your eMail using any standard eMail program like Microsoft's Outlook Express, Netscape, Opera, Eudora, etc.  Plus, you even have the ability to access your eMail account using any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, AOL, etc.) since web-based eMail access is also supported.  You do not have to change your current Internet Services Provider (ISP) in order to have a eMail account.

If you have an eMail address that you would like to keep using, and you would also like to have a eMail address, but you only want to check one eMail account there is a solution.  Your new eMail account can be set up so that all the eMail sent to that address will be automatically and immediately forwarded to your existing eMail account.

You do not have to live in Cincinnati to have a eMail account.  However, you must be a descendant (by marriage or blood) of the Cincinnati Beischels to be eligible for a eMail address!  Your eMail address can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet.

If you would like to access your eMail account via the web, click on this link to log onto your mailbox now - web-based eMail access -click this link.

If you are interested in a e-mail address send a note to duffy at

Insert the "@" sign in place of the "at" in the above e-mail address before replying. If you click on the address, your eMail program will automatically remove the "(nospam)".

Join the Beischel Family eMail Reflector/List Server

What is an eMail Reflector/List Server?

An eMail Reflector, also known as a List Server, is like an eMail discussion group. A group of people with a common interest (the Beischel Family) "subscribe" to a reflector.  The reflector maintains a distribution list of the family members' eMail addresses who have asked to be a member of the list. Any subscriber who sends an eMail to the reflector eMail address will have that eMail distributed to all of the subscribers of the reflector, or list. This is all automatic and fairly simple.

How can we use it?

For instance, let's say your family just had a baby and you want to announce the joyous occasion to the rest of the Beischel Family members who have submitted their eMail addresses to the list and are subscribers of the reflector.  You would simply send one eMail, to one eMail address, and immediately everyone else that subscribes to the list will receive the eMail message containing your joyous news.

How do I subscribe?

You do not have to have a eMail address to subscribe to the reflector.  If you want to continue using your existing eMail address you can still be a member of the Beischel Family eMail Reflector.  To join the Beischel Family List reflector, go to the sign-up web page at

Hopefully, most all family members will join the reflector.  Since many of the Beischel Family members are scattered around the world, this can improve family communication and make the world just a little bit smaller.


Welcome to the Beischel Family Web Site!

This site can provide history on the Beischel family that settled in Cincinnati, Ohio in the mid-1800s after Christian Beischel immigrated to Cincinnati from Gottenheim, Germany.

Be sure and check the News page to get updates on the Beischel Family Reunion and other happenings of the Beischel Family!

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